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Welcome to Bible Open University India International !

The Bible Open University-India International for the first time presents to mankind astounding information, more wondrous than the seven wonders, more informative than most modern sciences. This site takes you to hitherto unsolved unknown secrets of the universe unexplored by Galileo Galilee, facts about future of the world which could not be gazed by Nostradamus, unlit myriad hues to Thomas Alva Addison, Biology prior to the death of Charles Darwin, the communist manifesto copied by Karl Marx, Geo-Centric theory which was invalidated even before the birth of Nicholas Copernicus, the world's one and only cynosure website which has been able to counter the established opinion of Theists, Atheists, Rationalists and Scientist Universal, Simple & Informative Guide to the people of the fast-paced world of today that finds most of us scrambling to meet deadlines, handling perplexing decisions and confronting crisis and situations every single day.

In order to make known these astounding facts to mankind, Bible Open University India International (BOUII) have set on to construct a one of a kind Residential College to transform and prepare many more Jayashali’s (Conqueror’s) to make known the significance of the Bible against all the so-called knowledge of this world. This huge project is intended to be completed by January 2012 and is going to be open then on to take in children from the age of 12 and above for this cause. There is much ambiguity present in Christianity today which needs to be addressed. Many are not aware of what the Bible (Word of God) is telling mankind and what is required of them to lead a Christian life. There is a definite need to address this issue so as to show the right path to the present Christians and to all mankind on whole. This is sure to be achieved through the curriculum of this University by teaching the principles and standards of the Bible to everyone and anyone who wants to live a life pleasing to the Heavenly Father and for Him.